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Aura Gamboa

Aura… first light of dawn, the dawn of conscious evolution and of respect for all forms of life.  Woman of the mountains and stones, child of the Moon, accomplice of Nature.
As a healer, she adventures into the new and vital, into dignity bathed in sensuality and beauty, nourishing the freedom of anyone around her.
Unavoidably sweet, magnetic and generous, she searches for the love of joy and the joy of love, communicating with authenticity and spontaneity.  She plays with the movement and her body intuitively, sculpting the real inner peace.
After her formation as a Graphic Designer, she has been developing for more than 14 years as a  Reiki Shihan, Stone Therapy Massager and Master, Systemic and Corporal Therapist.  As Buddhist practitioner,  Aura incentivates her willingness to continue learning.

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